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Keeping Aylesbury Vale clean

AVDC puts a lot of resources into keeping our district a clean and pleasant place to live, you can help us do our job more effectively by reporting problems to us.

New! We've recently introduced a bulky items collection service for households, for items such as furniture, radiators, TV’s and kitchen equipment. The service applies to normal household furniture and electrical equipment only, not DIY waste, such as plasterboard or rubble.

Reporting problems to us - you can report problems with graffiti, fly-tipping and abandoned cars online by following the internal link below. Alternatively you can telephone 01296 585235. If you phone out of hours please leave a contact number in case we need to call you back.

Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. Councils across the country have been given tougher powers to tackle litter, graffiti and other environmental crimes under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. AVDC can issue the following fines to offenders:

  • £50 for not clearing up your dogs mess 
  • £75 for littering, fly-tipping, fly-posting, leaving graffiti
  • £100 for nuisance parking (mainly selling cars on the highway)
  • £200 to anyone who abandons a vehicle

From Aug 2007, police community support officers will be authorised to issue fines on behalf of AVDC. The Act also covers:

  • noise pollution
  • selling vehicles from the roadside as part of a business
  • leaving rubbish sacks and bins on the street on days when refuse is not due to be collected, and 
  • businesses who remove rubbish without a licence.

Many of these offences have always been illegal but now we can authorise staff, contractors and other people, such as police community support officers, to issue fines. This means you are more likely to be caught if you commit an offence. If offenders do not pay the fine, they could be prosecuted in court and receive a much bigger fine from the magistrate.

The Act helps councils by further defining what litter is. Litter specifically includes cigarette ends, chewing gum and discarded food, such as chips. The Act covers litter in all open air spaces, including private land, not just council land or highways and includes for land covered by water such as lakes and canals.

Parish councils can now set penalties for various littering and dog-related offences and enforce them. Several parishes within the district have told the council of their intention to do so.

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