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Artificial light

Light pollution

The Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 amended the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to bring artificial light emitted from premises under the statutory nuisance regime.

This does not apply to artificial light from-

  • an airport;
  • harbour premises;
  • railway premises;
  • tramway premises;
  • a bus station and any associated facilities;
  • a public service vehicle operating centre;
  • a goods vehicle operating centre;
  • a lighthouse;
  • a prison.

Avoid causing light pollution

  • do not fit unnecessary lights;
  • do not use excessively bright lights, a 150 watt tungsten halogen lamp is quite adequate, 300 or 500 watt bulbs are too powerful for domestic security lighting;
  • do not leave lights on when they are not needed;
  • consider controlling lights with passive infra-red detectors;
  • ensure lights are correctly aligned and installed.

For a porch light that is going to be left on all night, a 9 watt compact fluorescent lamp is normally adequate.

Affected by light pollution

If you are affected by intrusive light from your neighbour's property, discuss it with them and see if they can re-position the lights, so light is not directed at your property, or reduce the wattage to make the light less intrusive.  If your neighbour is unwilling to co-operate, then contact Environmental Health & Licensing who will investigate.

To report a light pollution problem in Aylesbury Vale, please click here to complete our form.

Date Updated: 16/12/11

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