They’re ‘Nearly Free’! Home-grown legends Otway & Barrett bring new tour to Aylesbury

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1 Jun 2019
Limelight Theatre, Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP21 7RT

They’re ‘Nearly Free’! Home-grown legends Otway & Barrett bring new tour to Aylesbury

Queens Park Arts Centre’s Limelight Theatre is thrilled to be welcoming Aylesbury legends John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett back home this spring, as part of their 2019 ‘Nearly Free’ tour. 

This magnetic bond still holds after more than 40 years of attempted escapes and still loved for their total in-yer-face originality, the contrast between the dead pan humour of Barrett and mad onstage antics of Otway are hilarious to watch. John’s lyrical genius and Willy’s outstanding musicianship (he seems to play almost every stringed instrument known to man, plus a few hybrids of his own making!) 

Ever keen to add a new dimension to the show, Willy has a new addition to his array of instruments. Beware the Moose Homp!!. 

Willy’s interest in making instruments began when he commandeered two guitars made by his dad in 1965. One from an old guitar neck and a scaffold plank which became affectionately known as the Les Dawson, and the other branded the Mk1 Schitstik electric slide of similar pedigree. These instruments were used on many of the early tracks, including Really Free and Racing Cars) 

Was the ‘Last Straw’ tour of 2017 to be the end? Willy’s remark “this will be the last time that many of you will see us together again” was often hastily misinterpreted as the final throw of the dice, but the reason given – “it’s not us packing up, it’s you lot dying off, you know who you are!” – is often overlooked by eager scribes. And so the rumours abound. 

For any Otway/Barrett virgins out there who don’t know what to expect, be prepared for everything from bare-chested theremin playing to wah wah wheelie bin as the duo jump from one hit and 40 near misses to another: An amazing and irreverent performance by two master entertainers. 

Demand for tickets to see the pair at the Limelight Theatre on 4th May was so high that John and Willy will be returning for a second show by popular demand on Saturday 1st June. At the time of writing only four tickets remain for the May performance, but tickets are available for the June show.

Tickets: £15.50 (no concessions) Box Office: 01296 424332

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