Flexible home improvement loan

Buckinghamshire Council can help you make your home safer, warmer, healthier or more comfortable during your retirement

How does the scheme work?

Interest on the loan will be charged at a low rate linked to the Bank of England rate. Some additional fees also apply.

During the term of the loan, you can choose to make regular monthly payments, occasional payments or no payments at all, and you’re free to vary the arrangement at any time. You can pay it off in full at anytime without penalty.

The loan, plus outstanding interest, must be repaid if the home is sold, or if the owners cease to occupy it.

Am I eligible?

As long as you’re aged 60+ and own your own home, you can use the scheme. For joint homeowners, one must be 60+ and the other 55+.

In exceptional circumstances, we may offer loans to homeowners aged 55+. 

Contact the Staying Put team to apply for the loan