Responsibilities and who to contact in the event of flooding

In an emergency

It’s your responsibility to look after your property if it floods. However, the emergency services, local authorities and public utility services will try to help where they can.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue When there’s a flood, the Fire and Rescue Service’s only duty is to rescue.

Bucks County Council In flooding situations, Bucks County Council will clear the roads and road drainage that it’s responsible for, and look after the elderly, infirm and vulnerable.

Aylesbury Vale District Council Our principal responsibilities in the event of flooding are to help rehouse residents made homeless, collect waste and address issues which concern environmental health.


More information

The Environment Agency can tell you if your property is at risk of flooding and give you more information on flooding.

Aylesbury flood map

For more information on sandbags, see the sandbags page


AVDC's responsibilities when we are the land owner

Ditch-line maintenance falls under legislation known as ‘riparian maintenance’ whereby adjoining landowners are jointly responsible for maintenance and up-keep of ditch-lines affronting owned land.

Updated information can be found in the Land Drainage Act 1991 and the Flood & Water Management Act 2010.

Responsibility is up to the centre of the watercourse bed from each adjacent land owner. It can be deemed that ditch-lines adjacent to the highway are the sole responsibility of the adjacent land owner as the highway authority have what’s known as ‘highway rights’, detailed in the Highway Act 1980.

This is the ‘right’ to discharge highway run-off water into adjacent ditch lines, or the ‘right’ to excavate a ditch-line adjacent to the highway for the purposes of adequately draining and keeping the highway clear.

Bucks County Council are now the local lead flood authority. Therefore issues in respect to flooding on or from private land would need to be initially reported and subsequently investigated by the flood risk management team who can be reached on 01296 395000.

Maintenance of kerb weirs and highway drainage is Bucks County Council’s responsibility. Please contact ‘Highways on Call’ – 0845 230 2882.

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