Food and drink business registration

All food businesses are legally required to register with Environmental Health at least 4 weeks before the intended opening date.

To register your food business, please click on the button below.

Apply to register a food business

I'm planning on starting a new food business in Buckinghamshire Council, what do I need to know to comply with food hygiene regulations?

To help you comply with the law, please see the document, Advice for Business Regulation on Hygiene of Foodstuffs which contains information, advice and links to websites.

If you are only registering your premises (not applying to become an approved premises – see below) you will be able to trade after 28 days (even if you haven’t heard from us).

If you wish to receive advice that is bespoke to your particular needs. Buckinghamshire Council offers a new Business Start-up Service designed for businesses who require something more detailed and specific towards their needs.

Do I only need to register my food business or do I also need approval?

  • If you run or intend to start a business which handles food of animal origin, and you supply another business, you may need to be approved.
  • If you only sell to the final consumer, you don’t need to be approved.
  • If you think you need approval, please speak to one of our officers before completing the registration form.
  • If your business requires approval (because you handle unprocessed products of animal origin and supply another business) then you cannot trade until we have visited your business and approval has been granted by Buckinghamshire Council.

How much does it cost to register my business or apply for approval?
No fees apply.

Is there an appeals process?
We can’t refuse a registration, so no appeals process is required. If your application for approval is refused, you can appeal it to a Magistrates’ Court.

Do I need to notify you of changes to my business?
You are required by law to notify us of any substantial changes to your business, or if your business ceases trading.

Do you have a complaint about a food business?

  • If you have a complaint, please contact the business in the first instance.
  • If your complaint is about hygiene or food safety, please complete our online contact form.
  • If your complaint is about the quality or labelling of food, please contact Trading Standards.

More information: Food Standards Agency