Food Poisoning

Our role

We inspect food premises to ensure they meet the requirements of food safety legislation.

Please note we don’t seek compensation for complainants. If you feel you may be entitled to compensation, you should first approach the premises from where you bought the food. If you aren’t satisfied by their response, you may then want to seek legal advice.

What should I do if I discover a problem?

If you find a problem with food, you should:

  • keep hold of the food as it’s evidence of the complaint
  • contact the Environmental Health Team as soon as possible on 01296 585605
  • keep any till receipts you may have or make a note of the time and date when you purchased the food
  • retain any labels, codes or containers associated with the food
  • try to preserve the complaint in its original condition, ie if you see something in the food that shouldn’t be there, don’t remove it
  • if a product is mouldy or you think it may be unfit, place it in a suitable container and freeze it as soon as you can

The length of an investigation depends on individual circumstances.

More information

Health Protection Agency

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