Funerals and cemeteries

Cemeteries in the Vale and information on funerals

Coronavirus (Covid-19): For more information on arranging funerals in the current climate, please visit our funerals guidance webpage.

Cemeteries in Aylesbury Vale

Aylesbury Town Council manages the cemetery at Tring Road in Aylesbury.

Buckingham Town Council manages the cemetery at Brackley Road in Buckingham.

Information on closed churchyards.

Nearest Local Authority Crematoria

Bierton Crematorium

Chilterns Crematorium


Advice on organising a funeral and what to do when someone dies can be found at

What if the person has no relatives?

If a person dies at home or on the street, and there are no relatives or friends willing to take responsibility for the funeral arrangements (financial or otherwise), we'll take on this role.

Please see Public health Funerals for more information about this.