Gambling Act 2005 premises licence

You need a premises licence if you propose to offer gambling at your premises, for example if you’re:

  • operating a casino
  • providing facilities for playing bingo
  • making category B gaming machines available for use
  • making category C gaming machines available for use
  • providing facilities for betting

Premises licences have an unlimited duration.

Do I need a licence if I only offer gambling activities on an infrequent basis?

There are 2 types of licence used to authorise gambling activities carried out on an infrequent basis:

  • occasional use notices authorise track betting on up to 8 days in any 12-month period
  • temporary use notices authorise equal chance prize gaming at a venue on up to 21 days in any 12-month period

If you intend to provide gambling activities more frequently, you’ll need a premises licence.

How do I apply for a premises licence?

Complete an application form. Fees apply.

We won’t issue a premises licence until the Gambling Commission has issued an operating licence (however, you can apply for the two licences at the same time).

More information

For more information and other downloadable forms please the Gambling Commission website.