Garden waste service

Due to increased demand in the garden waste service please be advised that the current delivery time for receiving your bin from placing your order may take 6-8 weeks. Please accept our apologies.

Arrange a garden waste collection and save a trip to the tip

Aylesbury Vale area offer a fortnightly garden waste subscription service. The service runs annually from February to November.

How do I sign up or renew my service?

Sign up or renew the service using your resident account.

How much does the garden waste service cost?

The annual cost of the garden waste collection service is £45. This is a fixed subscription cost which will cover your service until the end of the calendar year.

Please note: New subscriptions can start at any time during the year, but the annual fee will still apply for collections until renewals are due. Refunds cannot be issued for cancelling the service during the year.

How does the service work?

The annual subscription service includes:

  • providing a large brown wheeled bin to your property
  • providing a subscription sticker for the calendar year to be affixed to your bin (as per the instructions on the reverse of the sticker) – this enables our crews to easily identify which bins are eligible for collection
  • fortnightly collections, scheduled on the same day as either your blue-lidded recycling bin or green rubbish bin, to take place between February and November
  • Automatic renewal of your service at the end of the calendar year.

Please note: the service is suspended throughout December and January.

For existing customers

  • Once you are a garden waste customer, your service will be automatically renewed annually
  • Invoices for the following year’s service will be sent in November and payment must be received by the due date specified on your invoice
  • If you have received an invoice from us but already pay by direct debit you do not need to do anything, the invoice is for information only
  • If you pay for your garden waste service by other methods (debit or credit card) and have received an invoice, please see the instructions on the invoice on how to pay for your garden waste service
  • If you wish to cancel your service please contact us
  • When the service is cancelled we will collect your bin, providing it is empty and left out for collection at the front of your property
  • If you are moving house, please let us know you have moved.
  • To cancel your Direct Debit payment, please contact your bank direct.


Reduced price renewals for collections missed due to coronavirus

Residents will receive compensation relative to the number of missed collections. This will mean that residents will not be out of pocket for the garden waste collections that could not be made due to Coronavirus.

In the Aylesbury Vale area, residents will renew at the same time in January 2021 and receive a reduction in the price of their renewal equal to the cost of the missed collections.

All residents will be reminded when they receive their renewal information.


Why don't I get my money back straight away? There is a significant administrative cost to issuing 56,000 refunds to residents affected. It is much more efficient to reduce the cost of renewals.

What if new customers start after the suspension is lifted? Any new customers will pay the standard renewal fee and date. They will not have experienced service disruption so will not receive any compensation.

Can I just cancel and get my money back? Payment for the garden waste subscription is in advance and there are no refunds given throughout the year. This will remain the case and residents will instead be given a reduction on next year's subscription.

If you would like to know more, please use our contact form.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

See what can and can not be collected with our garden waste collection service or use our Waste Wizard to check for more items.

How else can I dispose of my garden waste?

You can compost garden waste at home or take it to your local Household Recycling Centre. Please do not put garden waste in any other bin.

Please note: For updates on Household Recycling Centre opening times and guidance for visiting during the coronavirus pandemic, please visit the Household Recycling Centres page**

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