Grass cutting

Enquiries about grass cutting in the Vale

Different authorities in Aylesbury Vale look after and own different areas of land. That means there are a few different authorities that are responsible for cutting the grass in the Vale.

AVDC look after green spaces and AVDC owned parks generally but you can use our handy grass cutting search map to see if AVDC look after your area - simply type in your postcode, choose your address & then choose 'Grass Cutting (within 0.5km)' to find the owner of the land.

John O’Connor and SITA UK maintain our parks and open spaces on our behalf. If you need to report any issues about grass cutting you can contact our contractors via email or phone on 0800 389 3395.

Road verges

Are generally looked after by Transport for Bucks on behalf of Bucks County Council.

Visit TfB website for more information

Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust grass cutting

VAHT tend to look after the maintenance on their land.

Visit VAHT for further information

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