Am I entitled to a council tax discount?

You may be entitled to a discount if:

  • you’re the only adult living at the property
  • you and your partner are unemployed on or a low income
  • the property is empty
  • someone living in the property is disabled
  • you live in an annexe
  • your property has been affected by local floods


Is my property exempt from council tax?

We don’t charge council tax if the property is empty and:

  • owned by a charity and was last used for charitable purposes (for up to 6 months)
  • you are in prison or detained by a court order
  • you are a long term residential patient in a hospital or care home
  • the only previous occupant has died and probate has not yet been granted / was granted less than 6 months ago
  • planning restriction does not allow anyone to live there
  • waiting to be lived in by a serving cleric
  • you are living elsewhere to receive or provide care
  • it is an unused caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • you are bankrupt and the property has been repossessed
  • it is an annexe which cannot be let separately


We also don’t charge council tax if the property is only occupied by:

  • full time students
  • people under 18
  • dependent relatives who are either disabled, aged 65+, and the home is annexed to the main property
  • people with severe mental health problems
  • visiting forces staff and their dependants
  • armed forces staff and their dependants and the home is owned by the Ministry of Defence
  • diplomats and their dependants


How do I apply for a council tax discount or exemption?

Complete an application form.


What if my circumstances change?

You must let us know within 21 days if your circumstances change. If you don’t, you could be charged £70 for the first instance, and then £280 for each additional time that the information is not provided.

The same charges apply for the provision of false information.

Discounts and exemptions are awarded subject to the relevant legislative criteria being met.