Habitats Regulations Assessment

Please see below for various reports and information

  • Habitat Regulations Assessment Report
    The Council in preparing the VALP is required to carry out a screening of the potential effects of proposed development on environmentally important European Sites including Special Areas of Conservation. The HRA considers physical damage to the SAC sites and non-physical damage, air pollution, the impact of recreation, water quantity and quality. The report, competed in March 2017, concludes that with the VALP Draft Plan strategy, policies and proposals including the Aylesbury Garden Town that there would be no significant effects. Therefore there is no need to proceed to the next stage of HRA work an ‘Appropriate Assessment’.
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum on RAF Halton
    An addendum looking at impact on designated sites of the potential development at RAF Halton in the VALP Proposed Submission and deletion of previously identified option of green belt release site at Wendover.