Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan

The HNP covers the period 2013-33

On 11 September 2015 it was agreed to ‘make’ the Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan, following a referendum where more than half of those voting voted in favour of the Plan.

The Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan is now part of Aylesbury Vales Development Plan as set out in the HNP Decision Statement. Please note following a High Court order on the 7th March 2016 Chapter 6 (“Housing and Development”) of the Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan has been quashed and can no longer be given material weight in planning decisions.

Supporting documents

Where Supporting Documents can be inspected

The above documents are available to be viewed at;

Buckinghamshire Council
The Gateway, Gatehouse Road
Aylesbury, HP19 8FF
open Monday to Thursday 8:45am - 5:15pm and Friday 8:45am to 5:45pm (Saturday and Sunday the office is closed).

The final Plan, Examiner’s Report and Decision Statement can also be viewed at;
Haddenham Parish Council Office
Banks Road
HP17 8EE
Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-12.30pm


Haddenham Library
Banks Park
HP17 8EE
Open Tuesday 9am- 5pm; Thursday to Friday 9am – 5pm; Saturday 9.30am – 1pm.