Hate Crime

Advice for victims of hate crime

The Community Safety Partnership have developed a system to ensure that victims of hate crime can access support.

Hate crime is any crime where a person is targeted because of their disability, gender identity, race, ethnicity, faith, religion or sexual orientation.

Hate crime can have a devastating impact and can sometimes lead to victims living in fear of the perpetrator. For this, or any other reason, victims or witnesses may feel unable to speak to the police.

Victims First manages a third party reporting centre for victims of hate crime within the Thames Valley area. Victims First offers emotional support, information and practical help to victims of hate crime, and can assist you with reporting the incident to the police if necessary. Their support is available to you whether or not the crime has been reported to the police or any other agency. 

To report a hate incident or crime, call the Victims First hotline 03001234148 or go online www.victims-first.org.uk.

Online offences

In the Vale we would encourage people to also report any inappropriate or offensive web content to the police and they will investigate further if there is a need to do so. Anyone can report such incidents to the police by calling 101. The Thames Valley Police website, the website for our local force, provides guidance on how hate crimes can be reported.

The police, the council and Victims First are dedicated to seeing not only a reduction in crime, but also a fall in the fear of crime. Hate crimes are amongst the most insidious of crimes as they often target the most vulnerable and frequently go unreported. These organisations are working together to ensure victims are supported and feel confident in the support offered.