HMO Licence - Applying

Do I need an HMO licence?

AVDC operates a  Mandatory licensing scheme and you should check whether your property requires a licence. Please note that failure to licence a licensable HMO is a criminal offence.

Please read the guidance notes to find out if you need a licence.

Find out more about the HMO Licensing process

How do I apply for an HMO licence?

You will need to login to your AVDC On-line Business Account to access the HMO Licence application form. If you do not currently have an on-line business account you will have to create one before you apply. 

Read the guidance notes before submitting the online application form and paying the relevant fee.

You’ll also need to download the declaration of applicant, proposed licence holder, proposed manager and person having control of the property. This should be uploaded at the end of the application. 

We’ll arrange an appointment to inspect the HMO, before prepared a proposed HMO licence for consultation with all interested parties.

How can I check if a property has an HMO licence?

The HMO licences public register contains the address of the licence holder, the name and address of the person managing the property, the licence expiry date and full details about the property.

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