HMO temporary exemption notice

A landlord must notify Buckinghamshire Council of their intention to change the use of the property

A landlord or person in control of an HMO must notify the council of their intention to change the use of the property, for example, if they intends to:

  • sell the property with vacant possession
  • convert into self-contained flats
  • carry out major renovation works
  • let to a single household or family

In these circumstances, the council may serve a temporary exemption notice, which lasts 3 months – during which time the house is not required to be licensed.

At the end of the period, the property must be licensed if it remains a licensable HMO, or it must cease to be an HMO.

In exceptional circumstances, a second temporary exemption notice may be served for an additional 3 months.

If the council decides not to serve a temporary exemption notice, the person who gave the notification must be served with a notice of this decision, the reasons for it, the date on which it was made, and provided with information about the right to appeal against the decision.