Hostels and Supported Accommodation

Applying for a hostel or supported accommodation

You can apply directly to some hostels and supported accommodation in the district, others only accept referrals from the Housing Advise Team at AVDC.

Make sure you know how much housing benefit you’re entitled to before signing a licence agreement – there are restrictions around the level of Housing Benefit awarded to different age groups.

If you wish to be referred to one of the hostels below or for advice on the level of benefit you are entitled to contact us, or in an call us on 01296 585168

Beacon Youth Trust Foyer
Slough & Thames Valley Foyer provides mixed needs support specialising in support for those with moderate learning difficulties. Facilities in Slough.

Griffin Place
Temporary accommodation in Aylesbury suitable only for people accepted as homeless by Aylesbury Vale District Council. See the Help with Homelessness leaflet downloadable below to see if you are likely to be eligible. No direct access. Accommodation for single people and families.

Haig Homes
Housing Association homes for ex-service men and women in housing need throughout the UK.

Housing Interaction Trust
Suitable for 16-25 year olds with support needs and a connection to Chiltern or South Bucks districts.

Suitable for female teenage pregnant women and mothers needing support to move to independent living. Provide 24 hour on call service.

Mayday Trust
Supported accommodation for those with support needs including mental health/substance misuse issues. Self referral or referral by agencies. Must have a connection with Leighton Buzzard.

One Foot Forward
Suitable for 16-25 year olds, who are homeless and vulnerable.
Emergency direct access accommodation in Oxford. Offers support for homeless and vulnerable young people with complex multiple needs.

Oxford Homeless Pathways
Provides direct access emergency accommodation for over 22 year olds in Oxford.

Suitable for 16-19 year olds who are homeless.
Supported 24/7 accommodation in Burnham or High Wycombe for 16-19 year olds. No local connection required. Service charges dependent on income.

Riverside ECHG
Suitable for homeless adults aged 18 to 65 years old.
Supported housing, resettlement and support for homeless adults with general needs, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependency. Facilities in High Wycombe.

Sanctuary Carr Gomm
Supported housing to help provide clients with a safe place to start building a better life.

Stepping Stone Homes
Temporary accommodation for service and ex-service families who have separated. Applications through Unit Welfare Officer.

Stonham Housing Association (supported housing)
Supported housing suitable for single homeless people aged 16-49 years (Aylesbury).
Supported housing for 16-25 year olds (Bicester & Oxford).
Referral by Aylesbury Vale District Council, Social Services, Probation Service or self-referral.

YMCA – High Wycombe
Suitable for single people between the ages of 16-30 years. Applicants under 18 are expected to be by referral from Social Services.
Supported housing. Offers guidance, job searching facilities and helps disadvantaged young people achieve the transition to independence.

YMCA – Milton Keynes (YMCA National website). (Milton Keynes YMCA).
Suitable for 16-65 year old for Homeless Project and 18-34 year old for Residential Flats.
Accommodation for people who are homeless or in housing need. Offer support services.

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