Housing benefit

Can I get housing benefit?

From the 26th September Aylesbury Vale became a Universal Credit Full Service Area. This means for most people of working age we are no longer able to provide Housing Benefit to assist with paying your rent. From the 15th May 2019 this also applies to mixed age couples i.e. where one person is of working age and one is in receipt of Pension Credit. To find out more about what this means and whether you are affected please visit our dedicated Universal Credit web page

You won't be eligible for housing benefit if any of the following apply

  • If either you or your partner, if applicable, are of working age and currently claim Universal Credit
  • If either you or your partner, if applicable, are of working age and currently in receipt of JSA (IB), Income Support, Working or Child Tax Credits or ESA (IB). Instead you may be required to claim Universal Credit
  • If either you or your partner, if applicable, are of working age and your circumstances have changed. More information on our Universal Credit web page
  • Your savings are over £16,000 (unless you are in receipt of pension credit guaranteed)
  • You live with a close relative and rent from them
  • You're a university student (there are some exceptions)
  • You're an asylum seeker or sponsored to be in the UK

You must be eligible to live in the UK. That means one of the following must apply

  • You're a UK national
  • You're a national of a country inside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • You have written permission from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) to live in the UK

How much housing benefit will I get?

The amount of housing benefit you’ll get depends on:

  • Your household income, including money from savings over £6000, benefits and pensions
  • The number of people who live with you, and whether they’re dependent on you
  • Whether you rent from a private landlord or a housing association (see local housing allowance)
  • Whether you have more bedrooms than you officially need

Use the government's benefits calculator to find out whether you're likely to qualify for housing benefits. This is a guide only, and is not binding on the council.

How do I claim housing benefit?

Please fill in a housing benefits claim form.

Uploading evidence for a new claim please fill in a new claim evidence form 

Change in your circumstances?

Changes you need to report include if you:

For example:

  • Your rent changes. Please note Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust directly reports changes in their tenants rents 
  • Your income support, jobseeker's allowance, employment support allowance or guarantee credit stops
  • You start work
  • Your earnings increase
  • Someone comes to live with you or leaves
  • You change your address
  • Your savings or capital increase.
  • You go abroad

Please note that in most cases we will be able to verify salary and private pension details with HMRC.  Please do not send in evidence unless we have made a request.

Use our Change of Circumstances form to report any of the above changes.

Moving house

If you are moving home and claim housing benefits, please ensure you let us know by completing the online form

Need more help to pay your rent?

If you’re in receipt of housing benefits but are still having difficulty paying your rent, we may award a discretionary housing payment (DHP), please apply using our online DHP application form.

For more information please contact us.

Other documents

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