Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

Current reports

HELAA version 4 is a technical evidence document that will inform the sustainability appraisal and writing of VALP Proposed Submission version. The HELAA does not allocate sites it provides a deliverable capacity and identifies a range of issues that will need to be investigated. A site 'suitable' conclusion does not mean the site will be allocated in VALP and likewise a site being 'unsuitable' does not mean further work on constraints, mitigation or infrastructure enhancements cannot be put in to enable the Council to support development on site. All constraints need to be revisited at the time future planning decision are to be taken.

Previous reports

  • HELAA version 3 – Report (May 2016)
    This is report supersedes HELAA version 2 report. It amends and adds to the HELAA version 2 report with assessment of all Call For Sites submitted by 31 December 2015 and other site sources including planning applications and neighbourhood plan sites. It also includes the suitability/capacity assessment of ‘Batch 7’ sites below. The report also makes amendments in response to the public consultation between October-December 2015 and assesses the suitability/achievability of sites at small, medium and large villages and strategic settlements as set out in the VALP Settlement Hierarchy revisions, May 2016. This version of HELAA will be further updated in the coming months once the annual monitoring of development starts and completions for year 2015/16 has been completed.
  • HELAA Batch 7 new sites
    New sites submitted to the Council by 31 December 2015 for inclusion in HELAA version 3.
  • HELAA Batch 7 - Part 1Part 2Part3 maps
  • HELAA version 2 - Final Draft Report (October 2015)
    The purpose of the assessment is to identify a future supply of land which is suitable, available and achievable for housing and economic development uses over the plan period to help meet the District's development needs. It was formerly referred to as the Strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA). Identification of any sites as potentially suitable and deliverable is not an indication of the likelihood of gaining planning permission. This is version 2 of the report and incorporates the changes from the below corrective addendum.
  • Addendum to HELAA Final Draft Report
    To correct an error in relation to the conclusion for site WTV018 this addendum will be included in the HELAA Final Draft Report.
  • Central Bucks HELAA Methodology (May 2015)
    Joint methodology agreed by Wycombe, Chiltern and Buckinghamshire Councils (prior to the formation of Buckinghamshire Council) for their respective HELAAs. The councils have been working together on the basis that they are identified in the same Housing Market Area (HMA) in the HMA and FEMA in Bucks and the surroundings areas study above.
  • HELAA Summary of consultation responses (May 2015)
    A summary of the responses to the joint central Bucks HELAA methodology, which was consulted on in early 2015.
  • HELAA Steering Group terms of reference
    A Steering Group, formed in July 2014 with community, Aylesbury Vale Association of Local Councils, stakeholder, AVDC (now Buckinghamshire Council) and developer representation to formally commence the study. At this first meeting, council officers presented a draft methodology and draft terms of reference. Comments have since been considered and amendments made to the final terms of reference.