Housing for those in prison or on remand

Housing benefit information for during and after prison

Keeping your accommodation

  • remand prisoners – you can claim housing benefit for up to 52 weeks; if it becomes apparent that you’ll be away from home for more than 52 weeks, your housing benefit will be stopped
  • convicted prisoners – housing benefit will only be paid for a maximum of 13 weeks

You must write to the Housing Benefits section to let them know of your changed circumstances, including:

  • where you are
  • the address you with to claim for
  • whether you’ve been sentenced or are on remand
  • the date you were sentenced and your release date, including remission
  • the date you were remanded and, if you were sentenced, the date you were sentenced, the length of you sentence or your release date

Finding accommodation

If you have a probation officer, they should be able to help you find somewhere to live.