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Flooding facts

The information below is designed to help you understand where the responsibility lies in flooding situations. Knowing what help you can reasonably expect at times of flooding and what steps you should take to protect your property and possessions will help to reduce the risk of damage.  Use the links at the side to access further information.

Assistance in flooding situations

Owners are responsible for protecting their own property but here we give some information about what organisations can and will be doing.

Flood plain maps

The Environment Agency maintain maps of the land which is commonly flooded when rivers overflow their normal banks.  These areas are known as flood plains and, unfortunately, many properties have been built within them.  These are the properties most at risk of being flooded.

Flood risk identification and warning

If your property is in or near a flood plain, find out more about the risk.  Also sign up to receive warnings of imminent flooding.

AVDC has access to flood plain mapping data supplied by the Environment Agency. This can be seen at council offices by appointment (there may be a charge for this service). For more information call 01296 585372 or email

Flooding on roads

If there are problems regarding roads you need to contact Bucks County Council on their report page.  If you believe that the problems are dangerous or that the situation is an emergency please call 0845 230 2882.

Flooding cause and effect

Why does flooding occur and what can be done to defend against it?

Protective measures

What you can do if your property is at risk of flooding and how to respond if a flood occurs:

You can obtain information from both your insurers and AVDC Engineering with advice on Property Level Flood Protection. For further information call 01296 585372 or email

There may be a charge for this service.

For advice on how to use sandbags or to view a list of sandbag suppliers, please click on the links below.


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Local sandbag suppliers


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How to use sandbags


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Aylesbury flood map


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Contact information


Engineering Services


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