How is my council tax spent?

Who receives the council tax you pay?

The figures in the chart above represent the weekly charge for an average band D property in Aylesbury Vale

Your council tax is split between 4 different authorities:

The money that AVDC receives goes towards services including:

  • cleaning services, eg refuse and recycling collections, street cleaning, removing abandoned cars, graffiti and litter
  • environmental services, eg food safety, air quality and noise pollution control
  • licensing services, eg alcohol, food and entertainment premises, taxis and street traders
  • planning and building control services
  • leisure facilities and sports and art services, eg parks and open spaces
  • electoral services, eg voter registration

Town and parish councils also receive a proportion of the council tax you pay, depending on which services they provide.

See how much each town and parish council received in 2016-2017.

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