If you are having difficulty paying your council tax

If you’re having extreme difficulty paying your council tax, we may be able to help by making a one-off credit to your council tax account.

Who can apply for help?

  • you must be liable to pay council tax to Buckinghamshire Council
  • you must have no restrictions on your receiving public funds
  • you should already be in receipt of a discount or reduction on your council tax bill

How much help will I get?

The amount of help you get will depend on your circumstances. If you’ve received help in a previous year, you’ll probably receive less help from the fund this year.

How do I apply?

Please complete the online form. A completed income and expenditure form is also required and is attached to the application form. Application received without a completed income and expenditure form will not be processed.

Can it be backdated?

No, the amount you get will depend on your circumstances at the time you apply.

What if I move after extra help has been granted?

If you move, we’ll recover any credit on your account up to the amount granted. Should you remain within the district and need additional help at your new property a new application will be required. Please complete the online form.

Can I appeal against a decision?

If you’re unhappy with the decision, there is a 2 stage internal appeal process:

  • first, you can ask a supervisor to review your case
  • if you’re still unhappy, you can ask a manager to review your case

You have 1 month from the date of the letter notifying you of the decision to appeal.

If you’ve been refused extra help, you cannot reapply unless:
• your income reduces by more than £20 per week
• a new financial year starts (1 April)

Because the scheme is discretionary, you can’t appeal to an external organisation.