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Buckinghamshire Council's private rent scheme, landford forum and more

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Buckinghamshire Council’s private rent scheme

We run a scheme that helps landlords find tenants while also helping families in housing need find accommodation.

Landlords must:

  • have self-contained accommodation with one or more bedrooms
  • set their rent at a level which falls within the local housing allowance rates
  • have a property in good structural condition which doesn’t compromise the tenant’s safety

Benefits to landlords:

  • you decide who to let the property to from a supply of prospective tenants
  • we offer a guarantee against losses, damage and rent arrears
  • we carry out an affordability assessment to make sure the prospective tenant is likely to be able to afford to live there
  • we carry out a lot of the administration and management tasks, eg we provide a dedicated account manager, supply the tenancy agreement template, organise regular inspections of the property, carry out an inventory at the start of the tenancy

Contact us for more information about the private rent scheme.

Landlord forum

We host a regular landlords forum to update landlords on any policy changes and matters of interest.

Landlord accreditation scheme

We promote the National Landlords Association’s Accreditation Scheme. Please see the Landlords website for further details.