Inspector's Interim Findings

Examinations documents

All of the material relating to the Inspector’s Interim Findings is available on this page. The page will be updated as and when any new documents are provided by the Inspector or the council. The Inspector’s Interim Findings are not the final Inspector’s Report which concludes the local plan examination.

The Interim Findings are a means of setting out the modifications the Inspector requires the council to make before he can find the plan sound.

Date Document Type Document Title
04/03/2019 Examination Document

ED181 Inspector’s reply to AVDC’s response to his Discussion Document D5

21/02/2019 Examination Documents

AVDC response to Inspector’s Discussion Document D5

ED180A ORS Response to Inspector’s Discussion Document D5: Acting on Interim Findings

ED180B AVDC Response to Discussion Document D5: Implementing Interim Findings (Amended 01/03/2019 for minor corrections)

ED180C Appendix: LEPG Preliminary estimates of overall housing need for LA’s on LPEG “Standard Methodology” (April 2016) (Microsoft Excel download)

02/12/2018  Discussion Document D5 Inspector’s response to points raised by AVDC in relation to his Interim Findings
01/10/2018 Examination Document ED167B Appendix 2 ORS Response to Inspector's interim findings
01/10/2018 Examination Document ED167A Appendix 1- AVDC Response to the Inspector's Interim Findings
01/10/2018 Examination Document ED167 AVDC - Covering Letter
01/10/2018 Examination Document ED166A Appendix to Inspector's Interim Findings- housing requirements calculations
01/10/2018 Examination Document ED166 Inspector's Interim findings 29 August 2018