Judy Benson, Head of People Management, LSSP

Head of People Management, Lincolnshire Serco Strategic Partnership (LSSP)

Judy has over 20 years of human resources experience inspiring, leading and facilitating transformational change within the private, public and 3rd sectors.  As Head of People Management at the Lincolnshire – Serco Strategic Partnership (LSSP) she is responsible for the provision and delivery of the People Management  function to the LSSP. She has a long HR career history with Lincolnshire County Council both as an employee of 17 years and a further 8 years as Head of HR Professional Services with Mouchel within the former partnership arrangements.

Prior to December 2016 as Head of HR, Judy led on supporting and delivering a significant transformational change programme involving formalised joint working between Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils whilst retaining two separate sovereignties. This involved successfully implementing 18 shared services driven by the councils’ objectives of improved service quality, greater resilience and a reduction in delivery costs all for the benefits of the Councils’ residents.

Her 4 years’ experience in the voluntary sector was as Group-Wide Head of HR for a charity that supported people with learning and physical disabilities; comprising 12 not-for-profit subsidiary companies across England and Scotland. Judy ‘s time with this charity saw a period of significant company  growth at a time the social care transformation agenda started to  focus more on empowering and enabling some of our most vulnerable people. 

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