Landlord Portal

Landlord portal

Landlord Portal is specifically for landlords that are in receipt of housing benefit on behalf of their tenants to view the following information/carry out the following actions:


  • Searching for one or many claims by claim number, name, address etc.
  • Basic claim details, including weekly Housing Benefit entitlement
  • Details of payments made to yourself
  • Details of overpayments for yourself
  • Adding informational notes to the claim for Buckinghamshire Council to see eg. tenant is visually impaired.
  • Viewing informational notes on the claim left by Buckinghamshire Council for you to see
  • Advising Buckinghamshire Council of a change in circumstances which may affect the claim (eg. advising us of a change in the tenants address).

Landlord Payments

  • Search and check for payments made
  • View the payment transactions included in the overall payment for the claim(s)
  • Link from each transaction to the associated Claim Enquiry page for that particular claim

Uploading Rent Files

  • The ability to upload a rent file to be automatically uploaded to the claim eg. advising us of rent increases. Please note, the file must be in a specific format to be automatically processed.

Sign up for the Landlord Portal

If you wish to register for access to the Landlord Portal please send us an email and include the following information and we will proceed with the registration process:

  • Your Landlord Name
  • Your Landlord reference number
  • Your contact details (Name, telephone number and works email address)