Leisure audits

Local authorities are required to assess the existing and future needs of their communities for open space, sports and recreational facilities.

We have conducted a number of leisure audits since 2004:

• 2009/10 audit informed our revised playing pitch strategy (2010) and the planning policy guidance 17 report (2010)
• 2004 initial audit formed the evidence base for our sport and leisure supplementary planning guidance (2004) and the ready reckoner (2005)
• In 2012, a full audit was carried out and this was updated in March 2017.

Audit Interactive map

As part of the audit being carried out in 2012, please review the green spaces on the map linked below and contact us if you notice any omissions or errors. Enter your postcode or road name into the search. Click on the open space you are interested in and again on the displayed hyperlink which will take you to the current audit report for this area of public open space. To navigate use the buttons or click and drag to your desired location.

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