Local housing allowance

LHA is used to work out housing benefit for tenants on low incomes who rent privately.

Who is affected by the LHA?

Your housing benefit will be calculated using LHA if:

  • you rent from a private landlord and make a new claim for housing benefit
  • you already get housing benefit and move into private rented accommodation
  • you rent from a private landlord and you have a break in your housing benefit claim

You will not be affected by LHA if:

  • you rent from a housing association or a hostel
  • your tenancy started before 15 January 1989
  • you rent a caravan, mobile home or houseboat
  • your rent includes substantial board and attendance
  • your rent is protected, eg you live in supported accommodation

How is LHA worked out?

The amount of LHA you could get depends on:

  • who lives with you
  • the area you live
  • your household income
  • your savings

How much LHA am I entitled to?

Your LHA is based on where you live. Aylesbury Vale has been divided into 4 Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMA):

  • Aylesbury
  • Milton Keynes
  • Cherwell Valley
  • Luton

Find out which BRMA your village or town is in and then check the LHA rate for that area.

How many rooms can I have and still qualify for LHA?

You are allowed 1 bedroom for:

  • every adult couple
  • every other adult aged 16+
  • any 2 children of the same sex
  • any 2 children regardless of sex under 10
  • any other child

Local Housing Allowance from Citizen's Advice Bureau

Understanding LHA and broad rental market areas from GOV.UK


View current local housing allowance rates on the GOV.UK site.