Local Land Charges Fees

Fees for searches in Aylesbury Vale

The fees below came into effect on 1 April 2021. 

Full Official Search Fee: £117.83

The £117.83 fee is made up as follows:

LLC1 Form
Item Cost
a) the whole of the Register                                 £28.84
b) any one part of the Register  £2.50
c) additional parcel of land  £8.24


charges breakdown for CON29
Item Cost
One parcel of land only           £88.99
Additional Parcels of Land
(Made up of LLC1 charge £8.24 and CON29 charge £19.16)            


* Please note Anglian and Thames Water are responding separately to drainage enquiries.

CON29O Optional Enquiries

charges breakdown for CON29O Optional Enquiries
Item Cost
4 Road proposals by private bodies £0*
5 Advertisements £16.07
6 Completion notices £16.07
7 Parks and countryside  £16.07
8 Pipelines £16.07
9 Houses in multiple occupation £16.07
10 Noise abatement £16.07
11 Urban development areas £16.07
12 Enterprise zones, local development orders & bids £16.07
13 Inner urban improvement areas £16.07
14 Simplified planning zones £16.07
15 Land maintenance notices £16.07
16 Mineral consultation and safeguarding areas £16.07
17 Hazardous substance consents £16.07
18 Environmental and pollution notices £16.07
19 Food safety notices  £16.07
20 Hedgerow notices £16.07
22 Common land and town or village green 



* Please note this authority is unable to respond to enquiry 4

Please note this authority is unable to accept written enquiries of your own added to the CON29 forms. These should be sent by letter direct to the relevant section of the council, who will also advise you of the fee for replying to these questions.

Planning Radius Enquiry: £7.42

For more detailed information on charges, please download our Revised Scale of Fees. We can reveal any planning permissions or proposals for development within 25 or 50 metres of the land to be searched