Lunch clubs for older people

Application process for grant support for lunch clubs for older people 2019/20 now open

Lunch clubs

AVDC provides a small amount of funding for lunch clubs for isolated older people across the district and is once again inviting applications from lunch clubs for older people to apply for grant support.

Only a limited amount of money is available and to be eligible for funding groups must operate in Aylesbury Vale and must:

  • have clear aims and objectives
  • have an agreed constitution or set of rules
  • be not-for-profit
  • operate with no undue restriction on membership
  • have a management committee of at least 3 people
  • have a bank account that requires 2 signatories
  • keep a record of income and expenditure (or projections if you’re a new group) and be able to show why your club needs a grant
  • have evidence that it is needed by the group of users
  • have public liability insurance
  • register with AVDC Environmental Health as a food business establishment
  • provide basic training to all members in safeguarding vulnerable adults

How much help can we get?

Grants are awarded based on a 63p subsidy per meal or on the basis of the lunch club’s previous year’s deficit, whichever is the lower sum.

We will only fund clubs that show a shortfall in income over expenditure.

The application process is now open and will close on Friday 22 March 2019.

Please email the Grants Officer for an application form:

View the successful Grants 2017/18

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