Make a payment online (including invoices)

Council tax, business rates, parking fines & invoices

From here you can pay for some of our services using your debit or credit card.

All payment transactions are processed in real-time by the Royal Bank of Scotland using their secure card payment system. Your card details will not be stored by the council and at no time will they be visible, or accessible outside of the secure banking network.

You can make payments for any of the following on line:

  • Council Tax -  8 digit number starting with a 4
  • Business Rates - 7 digit number starting with a 1
  • Invoices (including benefits over-payments and garden waste renewals) - 7 digit customer ID and 6 digit invoice number

Do you wish to make a payment?

If you do, then please click on the Proceed button below. Otherwise you can either close this window or click on the Cancel button.

For Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust Payments please click on this link: Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust Payments

*Please note our payments system will look slightly different as we are changing our payment provider, your payments will not be affected*