Make a Request under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information (RPSI)

Re-use of Information

Public sector information means information that we produce as part of our public task. ‘Public task’ means our core role and functions, as defined in legislation or established through custom and practice.

It is possible that we may hold some information that is not part of our public task. If so, this would not be covered by RPSI.

Re-use means using public sector information, for a purpose other than the initial public task it was produced for.

Typically, this would mean an individual, a company or other organisation taking information we have produced and republishing it or using it to produce a new product or resource, often by combining it with other information. This is sometimes, though not always, on a commercial basis. RPSI is intended to encourage re-use of public sector information.

RPSI is about permitting re-use of information and how it is made available. It is not about accessing information, which is dealt with under information access legislation.

If you would like to make a request under RPSI  please complete our online form.