Making a planning or enforcement appeal

Planning and enforcement appeals

Planning and enforcement appeals are dealt with by an independent government body known as the Planning Inspectorate. This page explains how to lodge appeals and gives information about them.

View details of planning and enforcement appeals
Lodge an appeal or search for an appeal online at the Planning Portal website

Who can appeal

Only the applicant or agent can appeal. There is no third party right of appeal.
If you commented on the original planning application, we will tell you if an appeal is lodged and forward copies of your correspondence to the Planning Inspectorate. You can, if you wish, submit additional comments to them.

When can appeals be made

See the reverse of our planning decision notice for details of how and when to lodge an appeal.

Applicants can appeal

  • against the refusal of an application
  • against conditions imposed on an approval
  • on the grounds of 'non-determination' if we fail to determine an application by the deadline set by the government
  • against an enforcement notice

Further Information

There are different appeal procedures.  Follow the links below to find out more about the different procedures.

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