Marsh Gibbon Neighbourhood Plan

The MGNDP covers the period 2014-31

The MGNDP covers the period 2014-31.

Latest progress

On 25 February 2015, the council agreed to make the MGNDP part of AVDC's (now Buckinghamshire Council) Development Plan.

Relevant documents

The Marsh Gibbon Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the Council's Development Plan as set out in the MGNP Decision Statement.

Where Supporting Documents can be inspected

The above documents are available to be viewed at Buckinghamshire Council, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF, open Monday to Thursday 8:45am - 5:15pm and Friday 8:45am to 5:45pm (Saturday and Sunday the office is closed).

The final Plan, Examiner’s Report and Decision Statement can also be viewed at the Marsh Gibbon Village Hall anytime when the Hall is open for an activity (apart from term-time mornings when the pre-school uses the Hall).