Moving or leaving rented housing

Advice when moving or leaving your home

Moving home

Private tenants will usually be required to give notice to their landlords that they intend to move. Check your tenancy agreement for details. Your landlord will inspect the premises when you leave to check whether there are any losses to deduct from the deposit which should be held in a tenancy deposit scheme. These schemes have a dispute service in case of any disagreement.

Council or housing association tenants

If you want to move, but wish to continue to live in rented accommodation you should consider:

  • Re-applying to go on the housing register, you’re unlikely to be prioritised unless your home is no longer suitable for your needs (Bucks Home Choice)
  • Registering for a mutual exchange Homeswapper

If you move into private rented accommodation, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get another property via the housing register in the future.

Have you been asked to leave your property?

Check your rights on Shelter’s tenancy checker.

For help finding a new home, see applying for housing

If you’re unable to find alternative accommodation and are likely to become homeless in the next 28 days, see homeless or at risk

When you’re served notice, your landlord must adhere to certain guidelines. If you’re in doubt, consult our housing team.


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