Neighbourhood planning guidance and funding

If you’re thinking of developing a neighbourhood development plan, speak to us first as there is a formal process that you must follow.

Guidance documents

Locality - Essential Neighbourhood Planning Resources
Neighbourhood Planning Road Map Guide
Neighbourhood Plan Guidance Note Post Vale of Aylesbury Plan (March 2014)
Neighbourhood Planning Consultation Toolkit
What planning document is right for your community December 2012
Neighbourhood Development Plan Guidance December 2012
Neighbourhood Planning Sustainability Appraisal August 2011
Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations April 2012
Neighbourhood Plan Guidance on Affordable Housing
Neighbourhood Plans 10 Golden Points

Useful Resources
Neighbourhood Plan Project Management Toolkit

External organisations providing funding and advice

 • DCLG has announced a new programme for neighbourhood planning support 2015-18. This commenced at the start of April 2016 and offers all groups demonstrating a need for grant support eligibility to apply for up to £9,000. Some groups facing more complex issues will be eligible to apply for a further £6,000 in grant and specific packages of direct support where needed. (These groups are likely to include those in high growth areas, deprived areas, business areas, areas over 25,000 population or clusters of parishes, neighbourhood forums, or groups preparing neighbourhood development orders). The programme also offers an advice service and a range of online resources will provide detailed technical support. There will also be grants and support for groups wanting to prepare a Community Right to Build Order for a specific development (or alternatively, a community-led planning application for a housing development, where eligible).

 • Locality -

• The Royal Town Planning Institute/Planning Aid England –

• Community Impact Bucks - 

• Community Development Foundation -

• Rural Services Network have put together a selection of key datasets from the Census 2011 and ASHE that may provide useful facts and figures in producing Neighbourhood Plans.These datasets can be found at -

Fact Packs

Fact packs are available for every area which has indicated it wishes to consider developing a neighbourhood plan.

We have also produced a district wide fact pack which provides an overview of Aylesbury Vale.

For information on funding and advice visit our neighbourhood planning page.

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