New or replacement bin

New or replacement, price information and how to order

Please noteDue to high demand, it may take up to 8 weeks for delivery of your new or replacement bin. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Moving into a new build house?

Please check with your developer before ordering your bins as they may have already paid for your bins. If your developer is not paying for your bin, you can order a full set of bins by logging onto or registering on My Account which will cost £127.30.

Developers must contact the new developments team to arrange the purchase and delivery of household recycling and waste bins, giving at least one month notice prior to the occupation of the property. 

Larger waste bin (green lid) 

Larger waste bins are only provided (on request) to households which meet one of the below criteria. This ensures that the majority of waste generated across the Aylesbury Vale area is sent for recycling, reducing  both the environmental and financial impact of waste disposal across Buckinghamshire Council. 

Households are eligible for a larger waste bin if there's:

•    At least five permanent residents in the house;
•    And/or at least two children using disposable nappies;
•    And/or a permanent resident in the household has a clinical/medical waste requirement
All households that request a larger waste bin will have to demonstrate how they meet the criteria and provide proof of residency for all those living at the property. Checks are likely to be made on any application and may include;
•    An audit to make sure the household is recycling as much waste as possible (including food waste recycling) 
•    A check on the names listed as permanently residing at the property.
•    Occasional site visits to make sure the information provided is still relevant and the criteria is still being met.
Wherever possible, additional recycling and food waste capacity will be provided in preference to a larger waste bin. A larger waste bin is only approved on the agreement that the household is making full use of the recycling service available to them. 

Please note: If additional capacity is authorised due to at least two children in the household using disposable nappies, then the need for additional capacity will be reviewed after two years.

Larger recycling bins (blue lid) or extra food waste bins

To encourage recycling, we are happy to provide larger recycling and/or additional food waste bins to any household on request. Please request an upgraded bin.

Garden waste collection service

Buckinghamshire Council also offers a fantastic garden waste collection service


Charges range from £10.60 – £32 per bin for replacement bins, through to £127.30 for a full set of waste containers. Bins, regardless of charges, always remain the property of Buckinghamshire Council.  For more information on the sizing of our bins, view the dimensions of our waste containers.

If you need anymore information please contact us

To order new or replacement bins, log onto or register with My Account using the button below.