New Homes Bonus

New Homes Bonus Micro Grant Scheme

New Homes Bonus Micro Grants available up to a maximum of £2000!

Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet has recently agreed to increase the maximum amount voluntary and community sector organisations and town and parish councils can apply for from £1,000 to £2,000 under the New Homes Bonus micro grand scheme.

These easily accessible grants are available for a variety of capital costs including refurbishments and equipment purchases and are assessed on a monthly basis.

It is not necessary for the project to link to growth, although those that do may score more highly. Projects to be put forward for funding must evidence consultation at parish level and the application form must be endorsed by the relevant town or parish council prior to submission.

There is a total budget of £80,000 to allocate each year.

The closing date for applications is the  15th of each month.

Please see the Information, Criteria and Guidance Notes for how to apply

Please see the Successful Micro Grants September 2017 to August 2019.

Please note that in light of the unitary decision all funding recommendations may have to be signed off by the new shadow authority before grant awards can be confirmed. 


New Homes Bonus Project Grant Scheme

The New Homes Bonus Project Grant Scheme is now closed to applications.

Which projects have been funded? 

Successful grants 2019-2020

Successful frants 2018-2019

Successful grants 2017-2018

Successful grants 2016-2017

Successful grants 2013-2016