23 Feb 2017
Ambitious technology strategy is approved by council members
10 Feb 2017
Win £50 off your next council tax bill
06 Feb 2017
To boost their fundraising potential
01 Feb 2017
Exciting development in Aylesbury starts to take shape
24 Jan 2017
Neil Blake discusses the latest on our bid to modernise local government
20 Jan 2017
9 out of 10 residents asked are happy with AVDC's commercial approach
17 Jan 2017
Our proposal for two unitary councils for Bucks to be submitted to Secretary of State
10 Jan 2017
We've released our proposal for modernising local government
06 Jan 2017
Our drivers swapped their lorries for bikes for the day!
05 Jan 2017
Construction work for AVDC’s exciting new development in the Exchange Street car park will commence on Monday 9 January.
02 Jan 2017
Allowing AVDC to make certain local growth is planned strategically

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