Advice on helping refugees

18 Sep 2015

AVDC recognises that residents are keen to do all they can to help refugees fleeing from conflict.

Making Donations

It’s important that our efforts are co-ordinated in order to have the best impact and we would therefore urge anyone who is considering making a donation to give to recognised charities in order to support co-ordinated responses to the needs of refugees in Europe, and the middle east.

The government has issued advice on what to do if you want to help Syrian refugees. For more information including contact details for recognised charities working to help refugees, please the Gov UK website.

Housing Refugees

Anyone wishing to provide accommodation should contact our private sector housing team at in the first instance, providing full details of any assistance you can provide.

We will contact you once we have further information from government on what the process will be for providing accommodation.

If you are wondering whether your property is suitable then the following points may be of help:

  • You will need to ensure that your property is in sound condition and that it is free from significant hazards, it must have adequate kitchen facilities, hot and cold running water and suitable heating.
  • You will need sufficient space to ensure that your house will not become overcrowded.
  • You should ensure that you have adequate smoke detection systems and all bedrooms have a suitable means of escape in the event of a fire.
  • If you intend to house more than two persons then you may require a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) licence.

Fostering children and young people

Anyone interested in fostering should contact Bucks County Council

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