Aylesbury Vale to become a Full Universal Credit Service

25 Sep 2018

Following the gradual national roll-out, Aylesbury Vale will become a ‘Full Universal Credit Service’ from Wednesday 26 September 2018.


Universal Credit is the new benefit for working-age people who are on low income or are out of work and claim benefits. It’s replacing a number of benefits, including housing benefits and tax credits, and is administered by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).


Residents, in Aylesbury Vale, who are currently claiming housing benefit, will be gradually moved to Universal Credit as and when their circumstances change. However, it is important to note that this will not affect everyone who claims housing benefit.


Aylesbury Vale District Council is committed to ensuring its residents, who claim benefits, are fully prepared when they are moved to Universal Credit. Information for residents, landlords and partners regarding how Universal Credit could affect them has been provided on the AVDC website, with further support and guidance available across the council’s social media channels.


The council will be able to provide some support to people claiming Universal Credit, including offering the use of its Customer Service Centre, located at The Gateway in Aylesbury. The Customer Service Centre is fully equipped with computers and free Wi-Fi and AVDC staff will be able to guide claimants through the online sign-up process. 


Residents, who are requested by the DWP to claim Universal Credit, should not delay in submitting a claim. The future monthly payments will be calculated on the same day each month based on the day the claim is submitted.


More information on Universal Credit can be found here

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