Bin collection days in Aylesbury Vale are changing for many customers

6 Jun 2018

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is already gearing up for major changes to its recycling and waste collection service which will start this September.

AVDC is making some vital improvements to all its collection rounds; recycling, general waste, food and garden waste. As a result, most customers are likely to have a change of bin collection day.

Last year AVDC introduced a new state-of-the-art vehicle fleet to increase round capacity and fuel efficiency. The next stage of ongoing improvements is the redesigning of customer collection rounds in order to future-proof the service as the number of new homes in the district grows.

A social media campaign and radio campaign, together with direct mail, will get the message out to customers across the Vale about the changes starting on Monday 3 September.

A letter explaining the day changes will be sent to all households across the Vale during mid-August, along with a new bin collection day calendar. The frequency of household collections will not change; with recycling and general waste collected on alternate weeks, garden waste collected fortnightly and food recycling collected every week.

The council would like to encourage customers to read their letter and take note of any changes to their collection day.

Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste, said, “The council is today starting a public information campaign to ensure Vale customers are aware of the possible change to their bin collection days that will start on Monday 3 September”.

“An average of 40,000 bins are collected every single day in the Vale – it’s a massive operation which affects every household in the district. This is why we are giving everybody plenty of notice and using as many ways as we can to let people know about the possible change to their day. The changes will help ensure that the council continues to deliver the most cost efficient and cost effective waste service as possible.”

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