Crack on with the recycling this Easter

13 Apr 2017

Aylesbury Vale District Council is asking residents to help cut down on waste this Easter and to make the most of the recycling options available.

Over this period around 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are consumed throughout the UK which equates to 3,000 tonnes of packaging – that’s 300 recycling lorries, full to the brim.

This year, make sure your packaging gets recycled by putting the cardboard box, the plastic mould and the foil wrapper into your blue-lidded recycling bin. If you have too much packaging to fit in the bin, AVDC will collect additional recycling, if put in a clear bag or cardboard box next to the bin on collection day.

If you’re having a traditional Easter Sunday roast, don’t forget to make the most of your weekly food recycling service with all bones, vegetable peelings and plate scrapings accepted. This is then recycled to produce electricity and fertilizer.

Amy Bridgford, Recycling and Waste Operations and Projects Manager commented: “Easter, just like Christmas and other national holidays, sees a surge in consumer goods being bought. By keeping on top of our recycling we can make sure we don’t see a surge in waste as well”.

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