Date set for changes to Aylesbury parking charges

1 Jul 2015

Planned changes to car parking charges in Aylesbury are set to come into effect from 1 September.

In February, Aylesbury Vale District Council approved proposals to increase some car park charges and to replace the £1 evening charge with the standard daytime tariff.

The last time the car parks in Aylesbury had any significant increase was 2007. Since then the council has introduced a charge for all day parking on Sundays, and a £1 evening charge.

Changes agreed by full council sees a 30 minute stay at Exchange Street rise from 50p to 80p. Up to an hour will increase from £1 to £1.50; three hours £2 to £2.50; four hours £3.50 to £4. Charges for longer stays at Exchange Street have not changed.

At the Aqua Vale car park, a two-hour stay will now cost £2 rather than £1, while four hours rises to £6 from £3 and 24 hours £10 from £6. However, people using Aqua Vale are entitled to a refund for up to four hours parking.

Hourly fees at other car parks have not changed, and nor has the cost of annual permits for the car parks except for Walton Street. Sunday and Bank Holiday charges will increase from £1 to £1.50 for all day parking.

The council is removing the £1 evening flat charge in its car parks that applies from 6.30pm, replacing it with the daytime car park charges but only up to 9pm. After this time parking will be free. This change is being introduced to make the evening charges much easier for visitors to understand.

The income from car parking charges contributes to a range of car parking activities, which include the administration of the service, off street enforcement as well as the routine repairs and maintenance of the car parks. It allows the council to invest in new technology, such as the Pay by Phone facility and hand held appliances for the enforcement officers, and also provides funds for more major items of repairs that are sometimes necessary as well as providing funds for future car parking provision.

Councillor Angela Macpherson, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Communities and Civic Amenities, said: “We have worked extremely hard to produce a new price structure that balances a range of differing needs and supports the changing requirements of a growing town centre.

“Our decision to extend the daytime charges into the evening is intended to make the charging structure more straightforward for our customers. People parking before 6.30pm and staying into the evening have told us it’s confusing purchasing a ticket, as there are two different tariffs to work out. Free parking will still be available after 9pm.”

The new parking charges will be advertised in the council’s car parks and on its website and via a public notice advert in The Bucks Herald newspaper.


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