Deadline looming to be included on the Electoral Register

24 Nov 2015

The deadline is looming for residents to return their annual voter registration forms before the Electoral Register is published on 1 December. This is a legal requirement and residents who fail to respond may find it difficult to obtain credit.

‘Household Enquiry Forms’ were sent by Aylesbury Vale District Council to 77,329 residents in August, and canvassers made home visits in October and November to make it easier to provide details. Although more than 90% of residents have returned their forms, AVDC is still waiting for over seven thousand households to respond.

Chris Sheard, Electoral Services Manager said: “Credit reference agencies use information from the Electoral Register, which means it can be much harder to get a credit card or mobile phone contract if you are not on the Register. If you have not yet replied, it’s not too late. As well as posting back the form, you can respond by text, phone or through the dedicated website.”

The forms are pre-printed with the names of the occupants currently registered to vote at each address. Residents can respond online using their 10 digit unique reference number and internet password which are printed on the form.

The online process also allows people to update the details of who lives at the address, request a postal application or opt out of the open register.

A response is legally required, either to update details if there are any changes or to confirm that the information is still the same. Even residents who voted in the May elections still need to respond. The register will be used for the Police and Crime Commissioner election on 5 May 2016.

If you have mislaid your form, please email with your name and address.

For further information, please visit

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