General election 2015 - results

7 May 2015

Results of the general election on 7 May 2015 for the Aylesbury and Buckingham constituencies.


General election 2015 results for the Aylesbury constituency

Chris AdamsUKIP – Scrap HS210925No
Will CassLabour8391No
Steven LambertLiberal Democrat5885No
David LidingtonConservative28083Yes
David LyonsGreen Party2135No


Turnout: 68.06 per cent

Rejected ballot papers: 235

Elected: David Lidington


General election 2015 results for the Buckingham constituency

John BercowThe Speaker seeking re-election34617Yes
Dave Fowler UKIP – Scrap HS211,675No
Alan Herbert Francis Green Party7,400No


Turnout: 71 per cent

Rejected ballot papers: 1289

Elected: John Bercow

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