Independent review into council’s broadband company is published

4 Jun 2018

Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Audit Committee has published a review into Aylesbury Vale Broadband (AVB), the high-speed broadband provider which the council voted to set up in 2015.

The company, in which AVDC is a 95% shareholder, aimed to provide affordable superfast broadband to rural areas where other providers had no immediate plans to go.


In total AVB connected 234 homes and laid a network with the potential to connect around 2,000 homes across eight villages before its assets were sold on to market leaders Gigaclear at the end of 2017 -  who continue to expand the service to rural areas of the Vale.


The review was conducted in accordance with a motion passed at full council and carried out by independent auditors BDO who were appointed by the AVDC’s Audit Committee.  BDO drew from a variety of evidence and numerous interviews with a cross-section of people including: AVDC group leaders of each of the political parties, community representatives, AVB board members, and industry representatives. 


Cllr Paul Irwin, Chair of AVDC’s Audit Committee, said:


“AVDC has always supported this review and welcomes the lessons which have come out of it, as well as the points of positive feedback.


This was an independent and objective review which sought to identify lessons learned, while considering value for money from the council’s investment and the governance in place at the time. I’m very satisfied that an open and transparent process has been undertaken. The review is comprehensive and in itself a solid example of good governance.


There will be more information next week after the Audit Committee has met to discuss the report.”



AVDC’s audit committee will meet on 12 June to discuss the report and how the recommendations can be implemented, after which the council will release a further update.


Read the full report. 

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