Leader's update on fire safety in response to Grenfell Tower

19 Jul 2017

In response to the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, our leader, Neil Blake has said AVDC is doing everything in our power to ensure fire safety. AVDC is continuing to work closely with partners to make sure this is prioritised and is not just focussing on residential buildings that are above 18 metres high.

Leader Neil Blake said: “When dreadful, if rare, situations like Grenfell occur, we need to do absolutely everything we can to make sure there is no risk of another similar tragedy and that should be happening across the entire country. The current government advice focusses on residential buildings over 18 metres high, but we feel it’s important to take this further and are looking at  all buildings we have any control over. 

We are working closely with external partners, in both the public and private sectors, to ensure reviews are carried out and to provide any support that is needed.  This is very much about working together to ensure fire safety is prioritised.

Our team is working in a rapidly changing environment, as findings come through from the Grenfell investigation. We’d like to reassure the public that we are in close contact with the government on this constantly evolving matter.”

As we said in a statement early last week, AVDC only owns one residential building, Griffin Place, which is managed by the Bromford Housing Association on the council’s behalf. This is not clad in Aluminium Composite Material – the particular type of cladding under investigation - and is under 18 metres high. There are no other buildings owned by AVDC over this height. 

We are working with local registered providers of social housing in the district to identify any housing blocks, particularly those over 18 metres, that have used this cladding and are supporting them in carrying out investigations as a matter of urgency. 

As well as Griffin House, AVDC also owns a number of non-residential properties. These buildings undergo regular fire assessments and are being checked thoroughly.

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